Our story

We started selling media back in 2006. Located in Southern California, we were able to set up deals with companies to buy up their excess product as well as find sources for radio station promos that are rarely parted with! To date, we have had over 60,000 unique products go through our stores.

With physical media now diminishing due to the advent of online downloads and streaming, disks are either no longer produced or sadly ending up in our landfills. We have always believed there will be a market for physical media - if you provide a one-stop-shop for the customer. There's something nostalgic about opening the case and popping it into a player.

Years later, NeverDieMedia will continue to be the source for all your media needs.

Our Inventory

We are always on the lookout for new inventory sources. We have several people who scour stores and sites weekly to bring the best and hard-to-find items to you. Can't find it? Send us a message and we will keep an eye out for it and contact you when we get it in.

Please Note: All of our items are authentic. We never deal with anything illegal.
Unique Products
Many of our products are the only available option up for sale. With so many items going to the landfill, it's harder and harder to find older media. We strive to do our part for the environment while keeping the classics alive!

Efficient Process
We know our customers want their products as soon as possible after purchasing which is why we ship daily Monday - Friday. Each order comes with tracking which will be emailed at shipping time.

Professional Service
Media isn't always straight forward, especially when it comes to computer games and applications. We have years of experience helping our users get their software running efficiently. We pride ourselves in a satisfied repeat customer and offer a generous returns policy should any issues arise.

Absolutely amazing condition and got the game way sooner than expected! Thank You for your quick, efficient and excellent professional service.


Have a question with your order? We are here to help and have years of experience getting software working on computers.


Looking to sell off your bulk media? Send us a message with the details and we will get back with you.