Claim The Name: Multimedia Teaching Tools

Claim The Name: Multimedia Teaching Tools

Claim The Name: Multimedia Teaching Tools PC MAC CD religion history principles! 



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Claim the Name Multimedia Teaching Tools provides Confirmation leaders with audio and visual aids so youth better understand United Methodist history, tradition, and principles. The cornerstone of this CD-ROM resource is a series of PowerPoint® slide shows, each on a different aspect of United Methodist history and tradition. The slide show is rich with pictures of past Methodist heroes, important United Methodist landmarks, and current-day United Methodist youth, as well as other images that will help visual learners remember what they have learned about their faith heritage. Topics include:

• Our Jewish Heritage: Follows the prehistory of the church from the Patriarchs through the early Christian community.

• Our Christian Heritage: Follows the prehistory of the church from Christ's first disciples through John Wesley's Methodist movement.

• Splitting Up and Getting Together: Illustrates the many church divisions and mergers that have made The United Methodist Church what it is today.

• The Role of Laypeople and Conferencing: Explains how The United Methodist Church has come to affirm the ministry of all believers.

• The Role of Women: Tells the story of United Methodist heroines and women's struggles to gain full rights as United Methodist clergy.

• Spreading the Good News: From camp meetings to websites, looks at United Methodist evangelism over the years.

• Social Justice: Shows how United Methodists through the years have responded to John Wesley's call to cure social ills.

• Holiness: Explores the traditional United Methodist emphasis on personal holiness and sanctification.

• Education: From Sunday schools to seminaries, looks at how United Methodists through the years have responded to John Wesley's call for an educated church.

Each slide show is accompanied by a script that gives detailed information about each slide.

Games-such as a crossword, word search, and word scramble-correspond to many of the presentations. These games are in an easy-to-print PDF format, and users may make as many copies as they need. The CD-ROM also features two PowerPoint® quizzes that leaders can use to review the content of all of the presentations. Claim the Name Multimedia Teaching Tools also includes the popular claymation video, Clayride: A Gallop Through United Methodist History.

For audio learners, Claim the Name Multimedia Teaching Tools includes three original songs:

• "Grace!": Learn about the three types of grace in Wesleyan theology in five minutes! The first verse explains prevenient grace, the second justifying grace, and the third sanctifying grace. The refrains work as a review of all three types of grace.

• "Seasons Tell Our Story": Get to know the seasons of the Christian calendar, what they mean, and how they relate to the story of our faith.

• "Fruit of the Spirit": Christian faith bears good fruit. In Galatians 5:22-23 Paul tells us what the "fruit of the Spirit" look like. Give this song a few listens, and you'll never forget that the fruit of the Spirit is "love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."

Each song comes with a printable lyric sheet (in PDF format) and a PowerPoint® slide show matching the lyrics to relevant images.

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