Conqueror: A.D. 1086

Conqueror A.D. 1086 PC CD medieval England knight dragon role-playing RPG game! 






Conqueror A.D. 1086 is set in medieval England. You are a young knight with difficult decisions lying ahead of you. You have many goals to achieve in your long and daring quest, with two main objectives in mind.

You may form an army, begin overtakingneighboring fiefs, and, once your empire grows strong enough, the royal throne ofEngland might be within your grasp. Or instead of fighting your way to thetop, you can train and attend tournaments. As you win, you're experience,wealth, and power will all begin to increase. Once strong enough you havethe duty of killing the dreaded dragon that lurks over England. If yousucceed, the title of "Kings Champion" will be yours. Whichever path youchoose, it will be a difficult journey.The first thing you must do when you begin Conqueror is choose yourcharacter. You may select from a number of existing knights or form yourown by answering a set of moral questions. This is similar to other RPGs.

When the game starts, you find yourself with a small fief, some shillings(money), and weapons. The first order of business is to build your castle,your village, and to plant your crops. In order to accomplish this, a list of buildings and crops are given. Simply choose what you want to build andwhere. This is similar to other strategy games like Sim City. After gettingyour internal affairs dealt with there are many things that can be done.Conqueror is divided up into several different sections. There are: villages, tournaments, castle management, and warfare. Depending on where you are,the viewpoint changes. The village is a good place to start out, with each one being different.

Most of the important information and gossip is found in the manyvillage inns. Here you can talk to some of the local patrons. When you clickon them, a dialog screen appears. You can ask them any question that's onthe list. Some of them will talk freely while others require some kind ofpayment for their inside information. Also in the village, you can visit the blacksmith's store. Here you can buy or sell weapons and armor. Differentvillages have different kinds of weapons. Usually the higher the cost of theweapon, the more effective it is in battle. If you're running short on shillings,you can often take out a loan from the Moneylender. The interest is a steep50Ͽso only take out a loan if you're really in a bind.

The tournaments are great places to practice your skills and earn some money. You may attend a tournament once a month. If you have decided totake the quest to slay the dragon, then attending every tournament is very important since your strength and money will increase. Two different eventstake place, jousting and melee.

To joust, simply pick your opponent and make your bet. When the jousting begins the view switches to first person.Your lance can be moved with the arrow keys. The object is to strike your opponent's shield. If you succeed, you win the money.

In melee, your objective is to disable all the opposing knights by attacking them. This iseasily the more fun of the two tournaments since it's designed a bit likeDoom. Running around and slicing people up is always fun!

During your quest, you'll need to check back with your castle. By makingsure everyone's happy and being fed, the population of the villages willincrease. If your villages are prosperous, the money coming into yourpockets will increase as well. Options like sending out spies and war planningare at your disposal as well.

As you try and take over neighboring fiefs, wars are bound to break out. Ifthey occur outdoors, you need to assemble your army and take tacticalcommand. This is where a lot of strategy and luck will come into play. Asyour men are fighting to the death you can issue new orders constantly toensure success. The other type of fighting takes place within the enemy'scastle walls. Again the fighting is similar to Doom except that you can giveyour men orders. By killing the opposing knights you can collect treasuresthat are hidden away in the rooms. Kill all the knights within the castle and you obtain the villages around it. This is the best way for your empire toexpand and a great way to increase your wealth.

The graphics in Conqueror range from fairly average in the overworld maps,to cutting edge rendered images in the cinemas. With so many differentviews and game engines they are above average. The music has some coolbattle tunes. The best music in the game has to be the options screen as this comes directly off the CD.The voice acting is above average as well,although I wish there were more of it in the game. It would have been greatif I could have heard my enemies yelling at me as I stormed their castle.Conqueror is a huge game that will take any seasoned player a long time tomaster. With many different paths to choose and different knights tobecome, the game has a great replay value. Some gamers may be put off bythe game since it combines strategy, action, and RPG elements.Althoughthey are all executed nicely, if you're not good at, say,action games you may not be able to accomplish much.

With all the different maps and screens,Conqueror does seem a bit confusing at first. Once you play it for awhile itreally becomes much easier. If you're a fan of strategy games and don't minda little 3D action to spice things up, then Conqueror just might bethe game for you.

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