Operation Combat 2

Operation Combat II 2 By Land, Sea & Air PC CD turn-based war strategy tank game 






This turn-based strategy game offered on a single CD-ROM resembles a simplified version of QQP's The Perfect General. The graphics and sound found in OC2 are right around par for games in this genre (and price range). Landscapes are fairly detailed, with different town buildings such as churches and farmhouses. The various combat units are fairly archaic, but can be easily identified. Sound effects remind the gamer they are in the middle of a battle, with the squeak of tank treads, the stomping of marching infantry, and blasting shells doing their destructive work.

Choosing one of six battle terrains, the gamer faces off against his opponent with the simple objective of annihilating the enemy's headquarters. Of course, the opponent has the exact same objective, and there is no such thing as a "tie" in war. Battles are fought until a victor is found. Using six types of attack ordinance, in cooperation with supply vehicles and air support, the player attempts to achieve his goal. Each unit must be moved, aimed and fired individually, and within a certain time frame. Manipulation of the units is simplified by using the mouse to point and click their actions.

Aiming for attack is totally manual, the firing unit's gun must be pointed at the target before firing. Since the offensive fire travels only in a straight line, accuracy is assured if the target lies on the horizontal, vertical or diagonal axis from the firing unit. Obstructions such as trees, walls, and buildings cannot be destroyed (unless obstructed mode is turned off). Each hit on a unit causes damage, until the unit has sustained enough to be declared destroyed and is removed from the field of play. Each unit carries a certain amount of ammo and fuel, and must be re-supplied by supply vehicles to continue their fight. A tank without ammo is a sitting target, so planning re-supply activities is crucial to an effective offensive. Gameplay remains mostly intuitive in all areas except the supply factor.

OC2's interface divides the screen into two sections. The top 2/3 of the screen is the battlefield map, while the lower section is the control panel. The battlefield map displays the immediate area around the selected unit, and only map areas containing a player's unit can be viewed (except for air support reconnaissance). The control panel of the lower section is comprised of five distinct areas providing information and game controls. The ordnance status table provides information on the selected unit, while the technical grid is a small view of the entire game area with the player's units and known enemy positions. The remaining areas are the ordnance controls, the multiplayer message lines, the game turn and connect timers. Everything the player needs to know is found in the control panel.

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